Security Guards Do You Need Them?

For each company, security guards may be a valuable asset.

Security cameras and systems must be a part of any business, be it a store, prefabric, shed, house, building, or perhaps large corporate offices. These systems provide reliable recording and reporting systems that can teach you in time what is happening, how and who is involved. It’s no hobbyist for business and your valuable policy on insurance.


However, people are on the ground, something that is always necessary. Security guards are like soldiers of infantry who are close to the floor or maybe where action is in order to watch, report and control what is going on. They are trained to best use their observer skills and supports and technologies.


You have to decide ‘do I need to ensure that my premises are physically safe?’ It depends on your company’s dimensions, what you protect, and naturally where you are situated. If you have, for example, a large building with good value for money and/or stock and an impressive crime rate in an area, you will be well advised to use the security of guards.

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Let’s take a few scenarios through.


Never forget that a consultant needs to evaluate what you really need in your location and business before any security decision has been made and taken, regarding physical and system security. This can save you time and money, and you won’t make the wrong choices.

Generally speaking, small businesses, including a small store that sells products with low risk theft or services like food, clothes, plumbing, hardware, usually will not require certain guards. (Without you being located in a particularly volatile area of yours, of course, and local statistics have shown that during business hours you may be at risk from criminal activities). It may be enough to manage small situations to ensure your own safety awareness, systems and procedures.


However, companies like gas stations and money loans are medium to high risk, and so additional physical safety is often required. If the company of yours needs this kind of protection, a risk consultant can provide expert guidance.


Retail hardware stores and other larger stores are much more likely to run the risk of passive robbery. In this case too, the statistical risk of you being a target before acting must be taken into account. However, you can easily introduce a few measures.

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1. First of all, a sound sense of awareness of security is crucial for your staff. All employees on the floor need to take care of all customers, especially those shoppers who come and appear to be suspect. They could be potential robbers.


2. You have a rapid reporting procedure involving a police if your staff are attentive and report any suspicious activity or maybe theft after this. This strategy is routinely adopted by large hardware chains, and it works really well! Another good program is to make security announcements using your PA system, such as ‘security report in all four’ There is essentially no security in the store, but for example every twenty minutes this message could be repeated at regular intervals.


3. You may also need signs to indicate that you find detectives from the simple clothes shop in the store if there are actually none.

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